Week 8

This week in Project Wonder I finished the emailing unit. The emailing unit is about how to write emails. The whole classroom did a poster about a topic. We get to decide which one with are table members. The students and learning coaches picked on which one is the best. The students picked mine for rule number 2. We had great presentations this week as well. One of the presentations we had was Steven and Mahmoud with the shoes they made. Next week I hope to finish a unit or two.

Week 7

This week we got different seats for Project Wonder. We had a field trip last week and it was fun but my friend broke his femur. I also finished the emailing unit and that’s about how to write an email to someone. The class also did a math trick to learn how to multiply numbers faster if you don’t know how too. Next week I hope to finish the 49ers unit.

Week 5

This week I finished 2 units. Author Purpose and the 4c’s. It took me 2 days to finish the units. After that, Dylan and I are working on a unit together. We are going to try to present it next Wednesday. We are doing legends and players now that they are very good. We are doing the 49ers team for the NFL.

Week 4

This week we were designing our ideal school and making a custom model. We present on Monday and we did a slide show for it. In our group, James made a custom model of a school and Noor made a classroom. We did CDT’s today and it was boring sitting after and doing it for so long. However, I understand that the teachers need it to customize my learning. Next week I hope to finish my unit on evaluating source quality.

Week 3

This week I’m finishing up the Source Quality unit and then I’m moving on to Author Purpose. We had a quarterly check-in with Mr. Beyer and Mr. Ecker. We talked about grades and I got a 93. I’ve been doing Source Quality a lot and I’m on level 2. I did a lot of Quizlet for Source Quality to practice and for Speaking Effectively. Thanks for reading

Week 2

This week in project wonder we created a digital Portfolio. A digital portfolio is a reflection of what we did in PW. We did this because we wanted to show what we did this year. The learning coaches made a slideshow and they wanted to see what you have done this year and see if you finished them. My portfolio will have a slide for every unit I finished. I created a slide on Dispositions, Chinese New Year, Effective Speaking, and Source Quality.

Week 1

Last week we did a paper airplane activity and we all made paper airplanes. We tested to see which goes farther and stays in the air longer. We also did a Rube Goldberg. My group completed it but we didn’t get the ball dropping into the container. For the independent study, I’m doing Source quality Level 2. Source quality is words and level 1 you have to write the definitions and level 2 is about how some of the words connect together. I am almost done with Source quality and moving on to Author Purpose.